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Most Fun Apps for iPad

One of the most exciting aspect of possessing an iPad is the App store. Countless apps that only for iPad are available on iPad App Store. If you are looking for most fun Apps for iPad, you should not miss the apps below. Here we list the top ten fun iPad apps. Just have fun!

most fun apps for ipad

Most Fun Apps for iPad No.1 - The Elements: A Visual Exploration ($13.99 on App Store)
This is a fun iPad app that is indulged in elaborating on by countless Geek, although its name is very boring. But once you open it, you will know why each iPad app review will regard it as one of the essential iPad app. Every element is no longer an alphabet, is no longer text, but it's showed with pictures, video and more. Very fantastic app! I'm sure the children will have the interest to learn chemical.

Most Fun Apps for iPad No.2 - Words With Friends HD ($0.99 on App Store)
Do you love word games? You can connect and play with your friends while chatting. Don't you think it funny?

Most Fun Apps for iPad No.3 - iMockups for iPad ($6.99 on App Store)
It's a must have app for designer. Help you to quickly arrange your software, website, and file interface.

Most Fun Apps for iPad No.4 - Flight Control HD ($4.99 on App Store)
Would you like to play airplane? Then what is suitable for you to play when you are grown up? Flight Control HD is best for you. It's very popular on iPhone. And now the HD for iPad is more acclaimed.

ipad video converter

Most Fun Apps for iPad No.5 - Instapaper Pro ($4.99 on App Store)
It's a very useful app. It can save web pages for later offline reading. For example, when you are reading a long articles and you suddenly wanna go out, then you can tap "Read Later", and then you can read it whenever and wherever as you like.

Most Fun Apps for iPad No.6 - Real Racing HD ($4.99 on App Store)
This game offers you the most realistic racing experience! I think I don't need to say much about it. since you bought iPad, this is a must have iPad racing game, both for yourself playing and the scream of others!

Most Fun Apps for iPad No.7 - Air Harp ($0.99 on App Store)
Harp is a very elegant but absolutely unpopular musical instrument. Pianos are many while harps are scanty. But with iPad, you can play Harp with only $1.

Most Fun Apps for iPad No.8 - C64 Paint XL ($2.99 on App Store)
This app is suitable for those who love retro style. 60*200 pixels, 16 color. Does the map rise up your memory of Nintendo game as you are a child?

iPad Fun Apps No.9 - Distant Suns (Lite): Astronomy for the rest of us (Free on App Store)
Good news for those who like looking up the starry sky but not knowing the name of the star. This app filled with the data of 130,000 stars, with each constellation of connections and introduction. As long as you enter the latitude and longitude and the situations of the day, you can see the simulation of the sky.

Fun iPad Apps No.10 - Beautiful Planet HD for iPad: A Photographic Journey Around the World ($1.99 on App Store)
Simply say, this app is to know the earth with photos. This app stores 570 beautiful scenery picture. With iPad's large screen, you will totally immerse in the beautiful world!