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How to Add Photos to iPod/iPad Without Deleting Old Ones?

How to Add Photos to iPad Without Deleting Old Ones I" deleted the folder with all my photos that I had on my iPad, and I don't know if they are anywhere else. I know with this stupid sync feather iTunes is gonna deleted the photos if it doesn't find the old folder there. How to add files to iPad without deleting olds ones?"

Here we show you two ways to add photos to iPod/iPad without deleting old ones:
Method 1. Change the Settings in iTunes.
Method 2. Using Transfer Tool.

Method 1. Change the Settings in iTunes

If you want to add photos to iPod/iPad without deleting old one, you must change the settings in iTunes in order to preserve these files on the iPad and prevent them from being erased or overwritten. Here we take iPod as example:

Connect the iPod to your computer with its included Apple USB cable. As soon as iTunes launches and recognizes the iPod click on the small "X" icon that appears in the upper right of the center status screen area on iTunes. Then click on the iPod that appears under the Devices section in the left hand side column of iTunes. Click on the Summary tab and ensure only the "Open iTunes when iPod is connected" and "Manually manage" photo options are checked off.

Click on the Photo tab and uncheck the "Sync Photos" check box to prevent iTunes from syncing the content on the iPod to matching the content on the iTunes library to prevent iTunes from overwriting song files on the iPod that are no longer on the computer.

Method 2. Using Transfer Tool

If you want to sync the iPod/iPad without deleting the old photos, you should get some transfer tool.

Cucusoft iPad to Computer Transfer - Small iPad/iPod/iPhone application created to help you transfer and backup all your files from your iPad/iPod/iPhone/iTouch. With it, you can recover lost or missing music or backup and restore all of your iPod/iPhone/iTouch content; including your favorite songs, videos, photos, playlists and more.

free download to add photos to ipad without deleting old ones

iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer – Professional tool to sync an iPod/iPad without deleting old photos on Mac! You can sync any music on your computer and add any playlist on iTunes to an iPod/iPad without losing the old ones with it.

Step 1. First, free download, install and run it.

Step 2. Open the library/playlist that you want to transfer and click the "Add Files to iPad" or "Add Folder to iPad" button to sync an iPad without deleting the old photos.

Congratulations! You have done that!

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