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How to Change iPad Background / Wallpaper?

easy to Change iPad Background / WallpaperAre you bored of default background wallpaper image on your iPad? Do you have a better background than the existing one to set as your iPad background wallpaper? Then change background for iPad to the more beautiful one. Here is how to do it.

Just follow the simple steps given below, You'll find that it is so easy to change iPad background / wallpaper.

Tips: You can also transfer photos from PC to iPad using iPad Files Transfer and set it as the iPad background.

Guide: How to Change iPad Background / Wallpaper

Step 1: Go to Settings app, tap Brightness & Wallpaper on the left menu.

steps to change background for ipad

Step 2: Select the current wallpaper images to launch a list of photo albums on the iPad and preloaded wallpaper images.

select the photo you want to set as ipad background

Step 3: Tap on the wallpaper you wish to use to see a preview of how it will look at full screen.
Tips: If an image doesn't have the correct aspect ratio for the screen, the iPad will stretch it to fit. Turn the iPad to landscape and portrait orientations to see how the image will fit/stretch before choosing.

Step 4: On the top-right corner you will have the option to set the chosen wallpaper for the Lock Screen, the Home Screen or Both. Tap on the option you wish.

Done! Your new iPad background will be displayed. Now you can change iPad background / wallpaper as you please!

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